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I have been drawing since the age of three and never stopped! Perhaps it shows within my dedication to my craft.


I have done graphic design, art production, animation, illustration, product design and more. But my truest passion is what I do here. Digital art shared through my online store.

I love to create. I believe in spreading joy and happiness through my creations. Art means nothing if it cannot be shared with the world. And that's exactly what I do here!

I love making the cute and adorable, fashionable and beautiful, and most importantly, can't resist artwork items that spread smiles on the daily. 

I am what I am and art is a huge part of that.

-Amber Rae


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Tips for Drawing Men vs Women

Easy to understand tips that will help you make a big difference.

Tips shown against various artistic styles.

Easily improve your skills with a little practice.


"Never give up on your dreams. Only you can determine how successful you are by looking at how far you've come."

Amber Rae

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