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Valentine's Bingo Printable Activity

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

I used to love playing bingo as a kid. At school functions, church events, and what not. As I've gotten older, it seems bingo just kind of faded away, but bingo is not just for the young and old. With printables at hand, a fun night of bingo with friends and family is just a few moments away.

Valentine's day isn't always a day filled with super romantic dates with your significant other. Sometimes it's staying inside and having cozy moments with your kids. Other times, we are setting up events for engagement parties, school events, church socials, and other holiday themed parties. And during these events what could be more fun than playing a game of Emoji Hearts Bingo?

Just like the never ending list of emoji faces the heart is also prone to its own roller coaster of emotions. And thus, the Emoji Hearts Bingo idea was born!

With thirty bingo cards there's plenty of variations for a large crowd or print off just a few for your intimate gathering. The caller can have tons of fun describing the emoji faces to the team. Easily cut up a calling card and draw from a hat or bucket or toss a piece of candy onto the board to make your selections.

Make Valentine's your own this year and do something a little differently. You can purchase your very own Emoji Hearts Printable Bingo here or save this pin for later.

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